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Ick brauch keen Hawaii 2018

A project from CVJM Berlin e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

4.-8.7.2018: Christian Youth Festival on the Tempelhofer Feld; sports, music, art, church for young People and specially newcomers to Berlin from all around the planet; powered by CVJM Berlin e.V. and many churches from all over Berlin

T. Schmidt
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»Ick brauch keen Hawaii«  (I don't need Hawaii) is YOUR  summerfestival for teenagers and young adults. There are daily activities like sports, art, music and a children's party surrounding a lage

In the evening the tent becomes a church with music and interesting talk guests, talking about important and current life-themes and how Christians handle them. Later there is the opportunity of having conversation, more music, cocktails and thought-provoking impulses.

Please tell your friends from us and contact us, if you want to contribute.

CVJM Berlin e.V.
und Christen aus vielen
Gemeinden und Vereinen

english, español, français, العربية, فارسی 

030 74698000

Please support us financially
so that the festival in 2018 can again take place free of charge with a high-quality program.
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CVJM Berlin e.V. Zweck: IBKH18

Every little donation helps. We are also happy about offerings and birthday money.