Blocked Project NEMATA - micro loans for people with HIV

An aid project by C. Rachowicz in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

C. Rachowicz (Project Manager)

C. Rachowicz
The new project NEMATA should be able to cover in the future with MIRCO-LOANS the basic monetary needs of the people who are clients in the program of Wamata Dar Branch. Out in the HBC (home base care) we were facing an intense lack of financial self-support. Since the government is providing free access to ARV medicine, which has been improving peoples overall health conditions, the clients are often in physically good conditions. Because of the stigma and the following exclusion of society, people are just suffering mostly for financial reasons. People living with HIV are structurally isolated and disadvantaged from the financial system. They are having a harder time creating a stable income and maintaining a proper way of living. The project NEMATA directly challenges these issues by giving clients access to financial resources in the direction of self-sufficiency. With donors from Austria we can provide a limited number of micro loans for people living with HIV. With “soft” payback rates we want to show a human face of financial support for these disadvantaged people. With the money of the payback rates we will provide people with new loans. Out of this money circle we can achieve the sustainability of the project on the long term and provide loans to as many people as possible with this project.

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Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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