An aid project by “Projekt 100% MENSCH gemeinnützige UG” (H. Edmaier) in Stuttgart, Germany

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H. Edmaier (Project Manager)

H. Edmaier
„Homosexuality is just a fad!“
„Gays don’t contribute to society!“
„In school homosexuality must not be described as normal!“

Do you know these silly comments? Do you find these saws repulsive and inhuman. Let us do something about it: somthing positiv, colorful, striking and based on facts. Let us present idols, let us question prejudiction and state: the LGBTI* community have always been a part of society. We played an acitve and positive role in the political and cultural development of Europe! WE ARE PART OF CULTURE!

The not-profit organisation 100% HUMAN Project (Projekt 100% MENSCH, Stuttgart) is planning an art exhibit for 2017-18 that will focus on the historical contributions of gay men and women to European politics and society.

The exhibition will showcase 30 specially created portraits of historical personalities with a same-sex orientation, such as Frederick II. of Prussia, Selma Lagerlof and Virginia Woolf, who made lasting contributions to European culture, politics and society. The portraits themselves will be created by renowned artists, working in various techniques, using a colour scheme, which uses exclusively red, black and white.

The exhibition aims to transcend the traditional representation of homosexuals as victims and emphasize the pioneering achievements of these individuals. The explanatory notes accompanying the artworks, as well as the exhibition catalogue and other informative materials, will be available in German, English and Arabic. 

Thanks to the collaboration with Deutsche Bahn AG, the exhibit will be displayed in Germany’s major train stations and is sure to be seen by many people from all walks of life. 200 days in 200 cities!

The official opening of the exhibit is scheduled for 28 September 2017 at Berlin Central Station

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Location: Stuttgart, Germany

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  • So wird die Ausstellung aussehen! Große Leuchtkästen mit den Kunstwerken sowie den dreisprachigen Texten. Wir stehen mit der Ausstellung in den großen Wandelhallen der Bahnhöfe und werden so von allen wahrgenommen. Vielleicht auch in Deiner Stadt?

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