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Closed Help for street children in the Philippines - bringing joy to the children.

We are helping disadvantaged children in the Philippines to forget about their dark past on the streets, by offering them activites. Let us give them back their childhood and help us bring joy to these children. Thank you for helping.

L. Schmid from World-HorizonWrite a message

In the Philippines around 1.500.000 children are living on the streets. 1.5 million children without a future and without a childhood. The sad truth about that is, that it is not written number on a sheet of paper, it is the reality. Every day on our way to work we walk into street children, which are starring at us with their deep brown eyes and asking us for food or money. But as soon as we arrive in our working place, we are eagerly- awaited by laughing children, which are shining with gratitude.

We, Hannah Andersen and Lukas Schmid, are volunteering in the Philippines in an organization called Kalipay Negrense Foundation since August 2016. 
We were send by the German organization World-Horizon to help Kalipay. Kalipay is one of the few organizations in the Philippines, which helps disadvantaged childrens and reach them a hand to break out of poverty. Kalipay accommodates former street children and giving them a new home. The children not only receive a shelter, they also can go to school and most of all they can grow up in a loving and social environment to have a decent childhood. Right now Kalipay is home for 107 children in two accommodations. The 'Haven Home' is the drop-in center for newly rescued children and the 'Recovered Treasures', is a place for all kids between 5 and 18 years old. Once finished school Kalipay helps the children to find a job and a place to live in. So even if the children are already in legal age, Kalipay supports them until they are able to stand their life on their own.

Our task is it to teach the children several skills like playing instruments, doing sports or speaking other languages. Also we want the children to have a versatile program and having joy in their everyday life. They love it when we take them out to different places and have activities. With a good variation of activities we want to achieve that the children will find a way to get over their sad time, when they were living on the streets. Please help us giving the children a nice and proper childhood.

Our donation concept:
We want to offer you a transparent opportunity to help. In other words: We want to make sure, that you know what is happening to your donation. To achieve this transparency we are offering a direct way of financing several activities. As soon we have enough money to start the activity, we will make it and report it to you with some pictures and a letter review.

Our biggest goal is it, to go with all children and all staff to a beach close to Bacolod City.
If you want to have more information about Kalipay or about us, check out our homepage.

Homepage of Kalipay:
Hannah's Blog:
Lukas' Blog:

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