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Children Need Education

A project from HOPE e.V.
in Jiri, Dolakha, Nepal

Change the world by giving children an education. The only thing that stands between them and a life with poverty ist a school uniform, a pen and an exercise book. Help us!

Bob H.
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"Education is the strongest weapon that you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

We are looking for people who want to change the world. By giving children the possiblity to go to school, we are going to break the cycle of poverty.
250 children in Dolakha, Nepal need school uniforms, pens and exercise books, etc to allow them to go to school. (There are not school fees but the above mentioned things are necessary). Parents who hlive below the poverty level cannot afford these things.
By sending the children to school, we are liften them out of poverty - this generation and the next one too.