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Funded Houses, fisherboats and seeds for a village in Mya

Angu, Myanmar

Funded Houses, fisherboats and seeds for a village in Mya

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Our small viallage Angu in the Irrawaddy Delta will be supported with fisher boats, fisher nets, seeds and new houses for those who lost their homes

M. Mück from M. MückWrite a message

In may 2008 the cyclone Nargis destroyed wide parts of the Irrawaddy Delta in Myanmar.
About 800.000 People lost their homes, 138.000 of them died or are now suffering from poverty or disease.
A few days after the cyclone the horrifying news reached Germany and we spontaneously decided to help.
6 months before, my husband and I travelled through Myanmar with our guide and friend Soe Naing. After our return to Germany we stayed in touch with Soe Naing and therefore we tried to get through to him immediately by email or phone to find out if he and his family survived the cyclone. After 3 days we got a more or less good contact and were happy to hear that he and his whole family were alive.
With the help of many friends, business partners, neighbours and family we collected and sent money directly to Soe Naing who organized the first steps of a first aid for the suffering inhabitants of the delta supported by his wife and many friends.
Under bad weather conditions they bought food and water and reached the people by boat.
Now, 6 months later, we achieved a lot: While our appeals for funds are still ongoing, until now we collected enough money to build 19 new houses in a small village named Angu in the Irrawaddy Delta. We are very lucky to support the inhabitants of Angu also with fisher boats and nets, seeds for the farmers and harvesters to regain their livelihood.
But the help still is not enough. There are still thousands of people in the Delta without any hope for the future.
For this reason our project Burma is going on. The neighbour village needs new houses, fisher boats, etc. and also our village Angu still needs support for the children who have lost their parents.
Please help us to bring some hope to the Burmese people! We can guarantee that all the money goes directly to Burma and to circumstantiate this, Soe Naing takes photos regularly and sends them by email.
Thanlk you for your help and support!
Marion Mück

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