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Manus wants to walk again – Donate for his Surgery

*Please note our project updates under "Neuigkeiten" - July 20, 2018 Manus from Dem. Republic of Congo wants to live a self-determined life outside of his wheelchair Please help us finance a surgery in Morocco, so Manus has a life perspective!

Daniela D. from Lippstädter Netzwerk für Frieden und Solidarität Write a message

*Please note our project updates under "Neuigkeiten"/e.g. "news" - July 20, 2018

In May of 2013, a young Congolese student named Manus was beaten up violently by militia in the city of Lubumbashi, as they suspected him to belong to the minority of Kasai.
As a result of the attack, Manus was majorly injured and three of his lumbar vertebrae were broken. With the help of his mother, a visiting doctor from France, could perform surgery on Manus to stabilize his spine a couple of weeks after the attack in the capital of Kinshasa. The doctor’s prognosis said that the young man would be able to walk again within four months. To this day, he is still wheelchair-bound and bed-ridden. His inability to move have led to enormous bed sores, which can be seen in the pictures. As his parents have died in the meantime, his 80year-old grandmother and his sister take care of him. The family lives in very poor circumstances with very limited access to electricity and clean water.

A relative of Manus recently applied for asylum in Germany. Through her, our association became of Manus’s fate, as she is deeply affected by it. After lots of research, we learned of the possibility to send Manus to Casablanca, Morocco for a neurosurgical operation. The doctor, who assessed Manus’s x-rays, believes there is a 50% chance that he will be able to walk again through this medical intervention. The contact with the Moroccan doctor was established through a friend of Manus’s relative here in Germany. Her friend had traveled to Morocco from Congo herself for medical help. We also extensively researched possibilities for help in Congo, but since the health system and the political situation in the country are in a poor condition, we could not locate appropriate resources in Manus’s home country. 

We want to open up possibilities for this young man for a life of self-determination. We want to open up a chance for him to realize his hopes and dreams, without having to submit to the crippling fate of a wheel-chair-bound person in a country that offers little to no chance for a dignified life in disability. Please help us to sponsor a trip for Manus and his sister to Morocco for surgery!

We want young Congolese Manus to live a self-determined life outside of his bed and his wheelchair Please help us to gather funds for a surgery in Morocco so Manus has an actual life perspective!