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Clear sight for further 15.000 people in Burkina Faso!

More than 150 million people globally are in need of glasses but cannot afford to buy them. Children cannot learn and adults cannot work and sustain their families. We want to change that and you can help us doing so!

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More than 150 million people globally (WHO 2007) are in need of glasses but cannot afford to buy them as they are living from less than 1 US-Dollar per day. The result is that children cannot learn and adults cannot work and sustain their family. The estimated loss of income caused by this fact is (WHO) valued near 200 billion US-Dollar per year!
Our vision: We want to establish financially independent basic eye care programs in remote areas creating at the same time employment on a long-term basis.
The OneDollarGlasses are made of an extremely lightweight, flexible and stable spring steel frame and prefabricated polycarbonate lenses to be clicked into the frame.
Opticians trained by our 1-year’s curriculum and frame producers, both locally trained, secure independent free vision testing, immediate assembly, fitting and maintenance of long-lasting and individually attracting glasses.
The frames are bent with the help of a simple bending device requiring no electrical power on which about six people can work simultaneously producing 50.000 glasses per year.
The material cost of the glasses is about 1 US-Dollar, selling price is about 2 to 3 local day’s wage.
For Burkina Faso our 2019-plan is to open 15 to 20 more shops in almost all regions of the country. 15 to 20 school-campaigns per month will make sure that children are thoroughly tested and get glasses when they need them.
Watch our little movie to get a first impression of our work!