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Closed Professional fundraising tools and donor-management (CRM)

For the implementation of a solid donor and donation managements for long-term and sustainable funding, IFSA needs initial donations, financial partners and Supporting Members for the funding of a professional software.

J. Geschke from IFSA Förder- und Alumninetzwerk e.V.Write a message

  • The International Forestry Students' Association is an internationally recognized NGO
  • IFSA empowers youth participation in international forest and environment policy
  • IFSA works entirely self-funded
  • IFSA needs help in covering costs for the initial funding of a professional fundraising software

IFSA, the International Forestry Students' Association e.V., is a non political, non religious and not for profit organization that brings together forestry students from all over the world in a wide spectrum of activities. Currently, IFSA has around 84 Local Committees in more than 40 countries.
Within IFSA, its members are active on local, regional and international level, allowing them to enrich their formal education and promote cultural understanding.
The organization of events such as Regional Meetings, the big International Forestry Students' Symposium and the Interim Officials meeting need a solid financial basis.

As the recognition of IFSA as international NGO continues to grow, we want to develop as a collegiate but professional organization which meets the needs of our partners, our local committees and our own expectations. However, such development and professionalism needs resources. IFSA has achieved great successes over several decades, from a purely self funded basis. Financial resourcing presents our biggest challenge going forward, but we have a strategy to address this through our newly developed Financial Strategy.
The success of our new Fundraising Strategy and more broadly the sustainable operation of IFSA, IFSA needs to secure long-term donors. Financial support not only helps IFSA, but it can help to promote your business or research, help empower and upskill the workers of tomorrow, and there’s also the feel good factor!

” [...] so that we can continue to grow and enable youth, so that we can become the leaders that we will have to be in the world. Many of us struggled to get here and in order to have a truly inclusive representation of youth around the world we will need your support.
We need your wisdom, your guidance, your investment. But I'm here to tell you – you may not know it – but you also need us [youth] too. ”
Salina Abraham, IFSA Head of International Processes Commission & Youth In Landscapes Initiative, Global Landscapes Forum 2015

If you are interested supporting IFSA’s operation and subscribing as a donor, please fill this form. Thank you for your interest in supporting IFSA!