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Help me with my voluntary service in Costa Rica to save endangered turtles

Nicoya, Costa Rica

Help me with my voluntary service in Costa Rica to save endangered turtles

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Help me do my voluntary service saving turtles in Costa Rica, since they get hunted and threatended by men. In the project I keep turtles and their eggs save. The project being small can´t afford my accomodation on its own, while needing my help.

L. Heying from (F.A.W.N.) Deutschland e.V.Write a message

In Costa Rica many endagered turtles come to the beaches to lay their eggs.
Unfortunately the survival of the already endagnered animals is even more threatened since they get hunted, eggs are stolen and disturbance by tourists.

A small german NGO called F.A.W.N. supports a turtle camp in Costa Rica which works on saving turtles. The exact locatio of the project n isn´t named here, to keep it save from tourists and poachers.
The project is constituted of 2 locals and 6-8 volunteers.
They do the following work to keep the turtles save:
- safeguarding turtle nests
- building nests
- keeping mother animals save
- going on patrol on the beach to ensure undisturbed egg disposition
- escorting freshly hatched turtles into the sea
- documentation and marking the animals 

The turtle project in Costa Rica is very small and cannot afford the accomodation of their badly needed volunteers.
My name is Lara, I´m 27 and a professional nurse. April 2017 F.A.W.N. dispatches me for 6 week to Costa Rica as a volunteer.
Because of this I´m dependent on donations for accomodation and food overthere to do my volnutary service..
I´m very grateful for every donation.
Administration, organisation: 250€
1st  week 345€
2nd week 345€
3rd  week 345€
4th  week 345€
5th  week 345€
6th  week 345€

Please, visit my blog:
I will keep you up to date there.

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