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Closed Enactus I ReSoil -support Ugandan farmers growing their yields sustainably

"ReSoil" is a non-profit project that aims to enhance the agriculture in Uganda and make it more sustainable . By implementing the Terra Preta method and providing entrepreneurial skills, we empower and support local urban farmers.

S. Echeverria Botero from Enactus Mannheim e.V. Write a message

Uganda is a landlocked country in Eastern Africa which is dominated by tropical climate throughout the whole year. In Uganda, 19% of the native population lives below the poverty line of $1.25 per day and workplaces able to provide sufficient income are simply lacking. Most Ugandans work in subsistence agriculture. 80% of Uganda’s residents are engaged in farming, which accounts for over 50% of the Ugandan population's income. Yet the absence of knowledge of an efficient and environment friendly use of fertilisers leads to diminishing returns and environmental damage in the long run, as the soil degrades

Terra Preta is an extremely nutrient-rich soil which can be produced through a highly efficient composting process. The process incorporates biological waste with plant slurry and bio charcoal, resulting in a highly nutritious soil. The introduction of Terra Preta will be a considerable contribution to environmental conservation, as it can reduce the quantity of chemical fertilizers required. It also serves the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide and methane. The Terra Preta method improves soil quality and therefore leads to significantly higher fertility and profits. The required biological waste is readily available in Uganda. This organic waste can then be transformed into our three raw materials by processing it in different ways. 

In addition, our project will provide jobs for the local residents, so knowledge and skills about this effective process can be passed along. We see potential customers for the fertile soil in the wealthy population of Kampala and its surrounding areas. By selling our product to them, we intend to provide sustainable funds for our project. These earnings will be used to offer workshops with the goal of introducing native, urban farmers familiar to the Terra Preta production, so they will be able to increase and improve their harvest

Thereby, we strive to help stabilize the local livelihood situation and support the protection of the environment.