Closed Support the school development in Hamélé

Hamélé, Burkina Faso

Closed Support the school development in Hamélé

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Supporting the school construction and development for the children of Hamélé

I. Sanfo from AJIDWrite a message

We have set ourselves the goal of supporting the primary school in Hamélé by helping provide students and teachers improved learning and teaching facilities. We hope that our commitment may help more and more children to start their future with a good basic knowledge.

In 2008, AJID started an initiative to improve the number of children visiting schools. This campaign of AJID proved out to be a success as hundreds of children registered themselves for the elementary school. As the school was not able to provide sufficient room and appropriate learning conditions to all of the pupils, many parents eventually withdrew their applications.

We want to come to the positive development trend to aid and support the significant construction of new classrooms and pavilion.