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S.O.S. TiNo - Help save our dogs!

Please help us and become a life-saver for more than 200 dogs!

M. Spiegel from Tierschutzverein TiNo e.V. "Tiere in Not"Write a message

The dreaded day has come. Our private, no-kill canine shelter in Portugal will be closed down soon! We'll either have to quickly relocate our shelter or find new homes for almost 200 dogs! 
TiNo made three promises:
1. To save every dog who needs to be saved
2. To take care of each and every one until we find a suitable home
3. To never bring them back to where we rescued them from
So far, we've been able to keep our promises. But now, if we fail, we'll have to return them to the very same official animal shelters we rescued so many from where they will definitely be killed. 
We're doing everything we can and even hired a lawyer to help buy us time. The problem is, there is no deadline, so the police could just show up any minute and shut us down. 
Everything we need to do now is muscle work. But we can't do this alone. We are at the ends of our savings and are unable to handle the expense.

Please help us keep our promises to our best friends and help them live the life they deserve, with people who love them. Thank you. We couldn't be more humbly indebted to you.

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