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Sea Rescue Operations on the Mediterranean Sea with our ship “Alan Kurdi”

Lampedusa, Malta

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Sea Rescue Operations on the Mediterranean Sea with our ship “Alan Kurdi”

Lampedusa, Malta

We will no longer be prevented from saving, while more and more people are drowning in the Mediterranean. We will therefore send a new rescue vessel, the Alan Kurdi, to the area of operation as soon as possible.

G. Isler from Sea-Eye e. V. | 
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About this project

2018 was full of challenges. Since last summer, European governments have prevented our two rescue ships "Sea-Eye" and "Seefuchs" from rescuing people. But this has not blown us off course and we continue to stand up for saving human lives. With the help of our many volunteers and donors like you, who do not accept the EU's policy of turning away refugees, we managed to buy and equip a new ships - "Alan Kurdi". 

Since Christmas 2018, Sea-Eye is once again at sea and saving lives. Time and again, rescued people tell us about violence, arbitrary imprisonment, torture and murder in civil-war-torn Libya. After the sea rescue organisations were banished from the operational area last year to deter refugees, the death toll rose. But the European governments' tactics did not work. People who have to live under the conditions that refugees from Libya tell us about set out on the most hopeless journeys. We will make sure that the people rescued by us will reach a safe harbour. 

Your donation makes it possible to stand with these desperate people and send Sea-Eye on its vital mission! 

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About the Organisation:
Distress rescue on sea is a human right. It is enough to be human to have the right to be saved when life is in danger. Logically human duties derive from human rights and that is why Sea-Eye e.V. exists. Here is where we come in.
In the past 2 years our association was involved in 14.395* rescues. For an average donation of just 48 Euros we could help to save one human life.

* until March 2019
Updated at 06. January 2020