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Closed Mahenzo goes Green!

Gede, Kenya

Closed Mahenzo goes Green!

Gede, Kenya

Together with the community, we want to build Kenyas 1st ECO-School. But that's not all. We aim to bring the community closer to nature and see the wonderful opportunities we have when we live a natural life.

Joy R. from Pendo Kenia e.V. | 
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About this project

Our schools are the main focus point of our organization. A place, where the children can learn and feel comfortable in their environment. Construction costs for school buildings are very high,
whereby the life cycle of the school buildings deteriorate quickly, due to the way of the construction. Furthermore, the environment, nature and the usage of regional resources are hardly taken into account in conventional construction methods. Several reasons to start thinking differently! Construction costs have to be reduced, the design has to be practical and harmonious, and it must aid the children and teachers in their everyday lives. Nature, environment and sustainability must be major criteria’s, in order to create awareness at an early age. The families and community have to be involved from the start, to make the vital change needed in their surroundings.
We would like to invite you to get to know what appears to be the first ECO-School in Kenya and to become a part of this unique project.

Let´s see what makes our schools so special:

1) The School will be built with Earthbags & Earthbricks. With this method, we can save more than 55% of the usual construction costs.

2) The construction will be done together with the community. This way we can train a lot of people who will be paid a salary. After the construction, the trained members of the community will be employed by a natural construction company.

3) At our enclosed farm we aim to implement social enterprises i.e Cheese, Fruits,Fish, Seeds. From which the produce will serve the children's nutritional needs and provide an income for the families as the produce will be sold on the local market. The Farm is completed in a Permaculture Design and helps us to understand Natur better.

4) The classes will be all built round to support the harmony in the classrooms.

5) A Waste Management recycle center will ensure waste is disposed of accordingly. Plastic can we sold and recycled while organic garbage can be used on the farm. Waste will be collected by the municipal county.

6) Rainwater harvesting will enable us to allocate enough filtered water to aid the school in the drought season and for farming and irrigation

7) An Eventhall will not just be useful for our children. In the afternoons, evenings and weekends we will offer useful and important training and workshops to parents, families, youth and the old. That way we can give them new possibilities and options in their life.

Our target is to build a beautiful learning environment for the children. But that's not all. We aim to bring the community closer to nature and see the wonderful opportunities we have living a natural life. Together we want to walk out of poverty into independence!

We kindly ask for your support for this special project. Every donation is important and will bring us closer to our target. Together we can build Kenya's 1st ECO-School!

Thank you so much! Asante Sana!

Pendo Kenia
Updated at 14. February 2018