An aid project by “EAST MARACHI DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE( EMDI)” (A. Aura) in Nairobi, Kenya

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A. Aura (Project Manager)

A. Aura
The sheer amount of work which women undertake can be exhausting but, amazingly, many also dedicate themselves to community projects as well. As they organize themselves, they develop workable solutions to address the difficulties they face.
It is with this in mind that BUMASI WOMEN PROGRAM was born under the sponsorship of EAST MARACHI DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES ( EMDI) .As an affiliate of EMDI, members of Bumasi Women Forum, with little financial means or education but great determination, will be able to approach the EMDI MICRO- CREDIT FUND for the assistance they need to turn their plans into reality. We support their efforts because we know that by supporting women, we are also directly supporting their families and their whole communities.
The progarm has the mandate of 200 women in Marachi East Location. Donations towards the Micro Credit Finance initiative will go a long way in eradicating poverty

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Location: Nairobi, Kenya

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