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Funded Gemeinschaftsgärten (Community Gardens) Bad Aibling e.V.

Collaborative, local, organic and sustainable farming with it's crop yield donated to helpers and those in need. We aim to provide a platform to meet, work together and experiment.

R. Brendler from Gemeinschaftsgärten Bad Aibling e.V.Write a message

After a long preparation period and a lot of bureaucracy our non-profit organisation "Gemeinschaftsgärten Bad Aibling e.V" (Community Gardens Bad Aibling) is finally approved and we were thankfully provided with our first property by the city of Bad Aibling.

This site is located at the Birkenalle, a location plan can be found on our website http://gemeinschaftsgä


By the principles of our organisation (COMMUNITY, ORGANIC, NON-PROFIT) we want to transform this estate into Bad Aibling's first community gardens. There will be a big community bed, maintained by all members, as well as smaller lots for groups to experiment and work together. Furthermore there will be an area to take a break, meet and exchange.

First the field will be cleared of lawn and excess bushes and then covered with mulch. The mulch avoids weeds, continously improves the soil quality by compostation on the whole field as well as conservation of rain water and humidity and therefore less maintenance effort, even in hot summers.

Later on a greenhouse to allow a greater variety of plants, as well as a shed to store tools and equipment will follow.


A major part of the work has already been done by over a dozen of helpers on the 16th and 30th of April. The bed is prepared, the mulch spread, fencing posts placed and a few seeds sowed. Most of the costs were paid in advance privately, it would be nice to be able to pay this back as soon as possible. Our organisation lives from donations, but we don't want anyone to go bankrupt.