ease the pain among children affected by AIDS

An aid project by “Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project” (H. Nalugo Sabastian) in Masaka, Uganda

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

H. Nalugo Sabastian (Project Manager), written 3 days ago

H. Nalugo Sabastian

Train mothers to Launch Small Businesses

Your donations go to; training for women in saving money and managing a small business. It also provides them with the startup capital they can use to start their own venture.

NIRP's training on launching a small business:

  • Educates women on how to manage money wisely
  • Enables them to become self-reliant, confident leaders

Many women are now able send their children to school because of this empowerment. please join us, spread the word and tell a friend about us.

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Change a family with one donation

H. Nalugo Sabastian (Project Manager), written 3 days ago

H. Nalugo Sabastian

Women self help groups key to development

If women farmers had access to the same resources as men, more than 150 million additional people would have enough food to eat. We are all part of this reality. Your gift will provide support for women's groups, training in gender equality and the means to send girls to school. Help empower women around the world to reach their full potential. Help empower more women by giving a micro loan to a woman in need to start or expand a small business.

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Figure: women share development issues in their self help group.

kick start women development

H. Nalugo Sabastian (Project Manager), written 11 days ago

H. Nalugo Sabastian

Will you help provide a needy child with a reliable source of income?

Cissy 36 years lives with her three children on a tiny plot of rocky land in Bukakaata, Central Uganda. She manages to grow a small amount of maize and vegetables during the rainy season, but she worries how much longer she can feed her children.

With your help, we could provide one of Cissy's children with a piglet that will change the future of her entire family.

Could you give a gift of Euro 20 to help provide a mother like Cissy with pigs?

Pigs are well adapted to the harsh conditions in Masaka. They will eat the kinds of plants that grow even in the poorest of soils. And because pigs produce many offspring to sell, they may generate enough income to feed a family all year round, as well as pay for school needs.

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improve family incomes
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