ease the pain among children affected by AIDS

An aid project by “Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project” (H. Nalugo Sabastian) in Masaka, Uganda

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H. Nalugo Sabastian (Project Manager), written 20 days ago

H. Nalugo Sabastian

The unsung Heroes:Grandmothers

Grandmothers at  old age are raising grandchildren orphaned by HIV/AIDS. They have always been a skillful artisan in the art of handicraft basket making, a tradition they learned from their parents. Grandmothers learned how to run a businesses through their Granny Group.

Grandmothers were poor and had no source of income. They never imagined that they had the tools to save their lives all along. The trainers in her granny group gave them the skills they needed and the boldness to start their business.

At first, they could not believe it when their baskets began to sell! In only a matter of months, They were selling enough baskets to provide for their families! Now Grandmothers are successful business women and leaders in their communities who train other women in the traditional arts of their culture. They can afford to send their orphaned grandchildren to school. They can afford good food, medical care and clothing for children.

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Figure: women and grandmother self help group making baskets and other handicraft

Support a women self help group

H. Nalugo Sabastian (Project Manager), written 22 days ago

H. Nalugo Sabastian

Train Women to Launch Small Businesses

You continue to help us train women in saving money and managing a small business. It also provides them with the startup capital they can use to start their own venture.

NIRP's training on launching a small business:

  • Educates women on how to manage money wisely
  • Enables them to become self-reliant, confident leaders

Many women in Uganda are at a disadvantage because they haven’t had the training or education. Your donations help change livelihoods of women that by arming them with the knowledge they need to take control of their own lives by starting their own small businesses.

Women who can increase their income are not only better able to support their families, but they can become leaders in their communities as well.

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support a poor women in business.

H. Nalugo Sabastian (Project Manager), written 28 days ago

H. Nalugo Sabastian

women improve their livelihoods through self help groups

Self-help groups are generally facilitated by NIRP in Masaka, and increasingly advise and train members in a variety of on- and off-farm income-generating activities. Indeed, in a number of recent projects, NIRP were substituted by trained facilitators and animators drawn from self-help groups.

Through promoting self-help group, NIRP projects have contributed to improving the overall status of women in terms of income, empowerment, welfare, etc.

In the Rural Women’s self help groups, for example, 90 per cent of the beneficiaries reported increased access to and control over resources such as land, dwellings and livestock. Under the Livelihoods Improvement Project in Buwunga sub county, women self-help group members in Mazinga were even elected as chairpersons at different levels (heads of the local governments at the village or small town level).

In those operations, the country programme evaluation also found unequivocal advances in the self-confidence and assertiveness of self-help group members.

In Work together Women’s Development Project, 50 per cent of women self-help group members reported that, for the first time in their lives, they had visited new places and traveled longer distances, while 90 per cent had interacted with institutions such as banks, NGOs and project agencies.

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Fig. women doing an agricultural activity together

The impact study on Buwunga and Gayaza women self help Project reveals that access to finance through group savings and lending to members had allowed women to become increasingly involved in economic activities such as the collection and sale on local markets of non-timber forest products, engaged in productive agriculture and small trade businesses. Limit 600x450 dsc08280
Fig. Women work together

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