ease the pain among children affected by AIDS

An aid project by “Ndibwami Integrated Rescue Project” (H. Nalugo Sabastian) in Masaka, Uganda

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H. Nalugo Sabastian (Project Manager), written 4 days ago

H. Nalugo Sabastian

Change starts with you with a gift to our work

A gift or pledge of Euro 200 or greater is a significant investment in the mission ease the pain among children affected by HIV and AIDS.  At this level of giving,an entire family will feel the impact of your generosity.

Your gift can:

  • Substantially contribute to the expansion of programs  in rural communities of Uganda.
  • Fund a needy family income creation training costs
  • Outfit a community with the technical supplies they need, including livestock, seeds and trees
  • Fund our work in a specific community or fund a significant portion of a project in a community group.
  • You can supplement our donations from other donors like you.
Your benefits:
  • A personal relationship with a fundraiser who will lead you through this transformation commitment
  • In-person and phone updates on how your gift is being used to its full potential
  • Timely blog and reports on the impact your investment has made
  • Select mailings, including our newsletter.
  • Visiting our community projects during your annual leave or gap year.
  • Special access to NIRP staff including field officers.

Let us match your passions and interests with areas of great need.Reach us online with a message. Limit 600x450 dsc02875

Fig: Agriculture projects making communities hunger free.

touch a child's life today

H. Nalugo Sabastian (Project Manager), written 8 days ago

H. Nalugo Sabastian

Teaching children how to farm

Kigamba community is located in the sparsely populated and Peri urban Kimaanya Kyabakuza Sub-County in Masaka, where 274 students between the ages of 8 and 14 attend Kigamba Community Primary School. 134 are boys, and the other 140 girls, taught and cared for by 10 dedicated teachers.

 Working with the community, NIRP joined the school administration to teach children how to to garden. Most of the children come from food insecure households within the community .

We provide seeds and other planting materials like vegetables and nurseries for the garden. We have supported the school plant 20 mango trees, 12 papaya ( pawpaw) trees and 10 orange trees still stand tall, promising to produce delicious, nutritious fruits in future.

“We also added sorghum and peas,” says Francis Tumwebaze, the head teacher and director of the school.

These fruits will be mostly consumed at the school by the school children, providing them with additional nutrition which complements the basic, cereal-based meals the school provides through their school feeding initiative.

When we get a surplus of fruits, the school will sell them to nearby communities, providing the community members with an additional food source to supplement their otherwise simple diet and improving the school’s income. Upon seeing the success of the school garden, neighbors are  learning the school project and replicating fruit gardens in areas near the school and in their homesteads. Fruit trees have become a common sight in the community.

“We shall get vitamins from Mangoes which protect our bodies from diseases!” - Mukasa Godfrey, 12 years old

Having a fruit garden at school allows children to have fruits rich in vitamins so they grow well and learn better at school. It also provides an opportunity to teach them about hands-on gardening and producing food.  The students learn to plant, grow and take care of fruit trees. Many of them take this knowledge home and start their own home garden, sharing the fruits of their knowledge with their families. Fruit trees contribute to carbon dioxide sequestration to reduce global warming and thus climate change mitigation. More efforts are still needed to restore and increase the tree cover for climate change. 

Thanks for all the donations that help us do this paramount work. Small efforts by everyone of us can create a better world for the poor affected by HIV and AIDS.

know what happens in the field

H. Nalugo Sabastian (Project Manager), written 27 days ago

H. Nalugo Sabastian

One year on: ''I will touch my dreams''

For many years, many of you donated, fundraised for and supported NIRP's work. Fast appeal to help give poor rural families the best start in life.  It is an incredible feat and a testament to the generosity of our supporters. The legacy of your donations live with me always, we are seeing how those who have benefited from the donations are turning their lives around.

I always visit these people in their families to share their story.

About Ruth,

60 year old Ruth Muleme giggles like a little girl of 9. Much of her teeth are completely gone save for one visible lower incisor tooth and her cheeks are sunken and constantly draw in and out as though sucking on something.

She lives in Masaka district, 125Km of the Ugandan capital, Kampala, with the six grandchildren she cares for single handedly, aged between 6 and 16.

Ruth is become a widow 20 years ago when her children were teenagers. She struggled to provide for them and they dropped out of school because she could not raise the school fees. They eventually abandoned her and went to Mbarara city in the hoping for a better future.

She also had to battle her late husband’s relatives who wanted to sell off the land. They wanted to send her back to her parents, after all, she was no longer staying with the children but she stood her ground and warded them off. She was quick to show us around her home and tell us of her achievements. ''...I will cannot fail my grandchildren''

''Since NIRP came to my home, you can see the changes. I think this is going to be the first season when we shall harvest enough food. I expect to harvest three bags of shelled maize. Just one bag of maize is enough to take us to the next harvest season. I will sell the rest to get school fees. One of my grandsons, Joseph is sitting his final Pre-post primary exams this year. It will be the first time in my life to clear school fees on the first day of the school. And I will do it,” Ruth evidently asserts.

“You see, all my children left me for the city. The only thing they do, is when they produce children, they come pretending to have come to visit me and leave behind their children with me. I do not have a phone to contact them. They never come back to check on their children.

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Figure 1: Ruth with her grand children look after the goats.

“I struggled to feed my own children. Maybe that is why I lost them to the city. I do not want my grandchildren to run away because there is not enough food. It was so stressful. I had the land but no knowledge to utilize it for enough to eat.

“And now with NIRP, my situation is changing. I am a very progressive and knowledgeable farmer. Things are positively changing. See, I now have a better dish rack with three stances,  We have eaten vegetables of all types and if they were to talk, they would stand evidence for themselves.

‘‘The children no longer fall sick as it were before. And now that I am among those to received a goats, just wait, I will touch my dreams. I failed to care for my children but I will not fail with my grandchildren. What I did not give my children, I will give it to my grandchildren.’’ As I was Visiting her home, Ruth requested me: Please come visit again.

You will see me younger. I will plaster the house to cover the naked bricks of the house. I will also buy gutters to harvest water. My teeth will grow again and I will smile widely for you.” We all laugh at the joke. And I hope to return to her home soon because renewed hope and charisma. Limit 600x450 dsc02971
Fig2: Ruth with her grand children.

Remember, NIRP can hardly do much without supporters like you. The money you donate and raise helps us to remain relevant to  the children, their families we serve in rural Uganda. Thanks for all your continued support, it gives hope and happiness to learn of the differences we made in their lives.
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Fig 3; Ruth helps immunize the goats.

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