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Funded Development through individual initiative - A medical centre in Tansania

Mafinga, Tanzania

Funded Development through individual initiative - A medical centre in Tansania

Mafinga, Tanzania

The Lothar Health Centre (LHC) is a small hospital arising near Mafinga in Tansania. The project rose from local people´s individual initiative, who make the substantial contribution themselves. That is how capacity building really works.

Hannes K. from Globale Initiativenförderung e.V. | 
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About this project

The Lothar Health Centre (LHC) is a medical center arising near Mafinga in the Iringa-Region. For a long time the inhabitants of Mafinga and the surrounding area are living in bad conditions complaining about poor medical care and long distances to the only hospital in Mafinga, which is overcrowded most of the time.
Jovan and Philbert Myinga, two brothers from the said area, also saw the grievances. Instead of exacerbating in 2013 they plucked up courage and decided to use the majority of their very own plots to build the LHC for the community.

Jovan an Philbert are friends of mine. I met them during my voluntary social year in Tansania 2012/13. Together we figuered out a plan how the medical center should be build in cooperation with Germany. Today it´s bearing the name of it´s first donor: My father Lothar.

At the place the NGO "Lothar Health Development Group" was founded. The NGO is responsible for the medical center and some side projects, too. These projects help to finance the LHC during construction as well as in operation. In addition to about four hectare forest they are planning to build up a truck an dairy farm. The farm will bring financial support sufficient to pay the wages of up to ten workers as well as it will help to supply the LHC´s Patients with nutritious food. Such food supply is very exemptional for Tansanian hospitals and part of the brothers' exemplary plan to contribute to a better quality of supply for their country.

The medical center will begin operation with four buildings, a posterior expansion is possible after a needs assesment. 2014 the construction work started by building the foundation. There will be two medical wards, a laboratory and an administration block which will also serve as outpatient department and treatment centre for chronically ill Patients who are e.g. suffering from HIV.

In January 2016 we (GIF board members) had the chance to convince ourselfes personally of the project progress during our visit in Tansania. Meanwhile the foundation walls of the two wards and the laboratory as well as the foundation of the administration block are finished. The trees on the numerous acres of forest are prospering an the area for the dairy farm is on hand.
During a meeting with the local government they pledged again for the high demand of medical facilities. As a sign of their support for the LHC they already begun to build a new street, connecting the center with the mainroad.

With our last financial support of 3.300€, GIF e.V. helped the "Lothar Health Development Group" to bore a well. That well will supply water for the LHC and the surrounding neighborhood.

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Updated at 18. March 2020