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Earthquake: CARE assists in Ecuador

A project from CARE Deutschland e.V.
in Manabi, Ecuador

Food, Water, Accommodations highly needed

Anna Jansen
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Food, Water, Accommodations highly needed

On Saturday, the 16th of April, round about 7pm local time, Ecuador was shocked by a 7.8 (Richter scale) Earthquake. It lasted for roughly one Minute, having its Epicenter approximately 170 Kilometers West of Quito, the capital City of Ecuador. According to current status, 350 people died. More than 2.500 are injured and need instant care. Rescue Teams are still looking for Survivors in the ruins.

“Most people living in this country have never experienced such a strong quake”, Doris Guerra, CARE-Helper in Ecuador, reports. “It was dreadful. Many people are still being missed. Countless men and women are staying on the streets, looking for their family Members, constantly threatened by potential aftershocks.”

CARE is equipped with over 50 Years of experience in Ecuador. Therefore, we are already on site, discovering the Extent of destruction. Further emergency relief experts are on their way into the disaster area to support the Team. What we already know is that the survivors urgently need food, water and accommodations.

Please help CARE to quickly aid the Survivors!

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