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An aid project by “TLC Ministries” (R. Jarvis) in Johannesburg, South Africa

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R. Jarvis (Project Manager)

R. Jarvis
TLC Ministreis is located on 22 acres of land which we intend on utilising as far as possible to bring down running costs of the ministry and increase our self relience.

TLC Farm is part way through a project and needs your help to get to completion.

We have begun construction on a dairy and milk shed. We intend on producing enough milk for all the inhabitants of the farm which will save us around R5000 (500 euro) per month. We have been given allot of what will be required to complete the project by a south african corporate and mostly just need to fund the roof and the labour to complete the tiling plastering etc. However, more progress connot be achieved before the roof is in place. We have the windows, tiles, cement etc but need to have a roof before we can proceed.

With the money that we are able to save we intend on using as a budget to utilise the farm more, to produce more to further bring down monthly expenses and provide security for the work we do in caring for and placing the unwanted babies of South Africa.

The intended purpose for this projects donations include the roof, the glazing, tiling and plastering and should be complete within 12 weeks of the reciept of funds.

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Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

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