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Funded Funds for poor children in Kenia

Nairobi, Kenya

The Joy Junior academy takes care of poor students in Kenia

Fanny S. from living under the same sun e.V. | 
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About this project

In the middle of Nairobi, Kenya, where most of the population lives under the poverty line, exists a school, that takes care of poor children.
The children that can not afford a place in state schools, because they can not afford 20 Euros uniform, school books, fees or for any other reason.

You have the opportunity now to help 100 Kinyan children to continue their education.

Why your participation is important? Or better What poverty means?

It is not easy to understand. So let us take Ibrahim as an example.

He lost his parents because of Aids when he was 8. After this his relatives decided to bring him to his poor uncle, who lives in a slum in Nairobi- Dandorra.

Ibrahim had nothing to do through all the day. so he was stayIng outside in the streets searching for plastic garbage, that he could sell later for 15 cent per day.

Kenyan streets are perfect crime scenes where it is very easily for him to get in touch with criminal and dangerous activities.

Most of these children, like Ibrahim, are very easily converted into robbers or drug addicts. The slums are full of this young men, who tried there best , but ended up living in most horrible and destroying conditions.

Some people are trying to save these kids for misery like Joyce. Joyce was regularly going into the streets of Nairobi, searching for these kids and tries to speak to their families. Then he founded Joyce School and offering them a free place. Children usually stays from 8:00 in the morning, till 4:00 p.m.

Doing so, he offered these children a lifetime opportunity to:

1. Get better education to help them with the hard economical living conditions and give them hope for better future.
2. Stay away from streets.

Ibrahim got a place in the school, actually he was one of the first studens there. This year he will finish his primary school, which means, he took the first step to escape poverty. Ibrahim is a great young man, who acts like an elder brother for all other kids. He is also a talented singer, dancer and surely one of the most strong kids I have ever met.

In the moment 100 children are visiting the joy junior academy. There are 3 teacher and a good building with stonewalls, electricity, toilet and fluent water. ( Before they lived in a 20 m² barace, with nothing of this, what was just mentioned).

This campaign is trying to collect rental money for the school building for the next 3 months.

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Updated at 18. September 2020