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Closed Flood disaster in Ghana. Support the victims.

Agona Swedru, Ghana

Closed Flood disaster in Ghana. Support the victims.

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On the 20th of June 2010 a horrible disaster struck the capitol of the Agona West municipality, Agona Swedru, in Ghana. A torrential downpour caused a mayor flood that destroyed areas of the town. Many were killed and hundreds have lost their homes.

Williams Y. from Glorious Vision Orphans (GLOVO)Write a message

The 20th of June 2010 will be a tragic date of remembrance for the inhabitants of Agona Swedru, the capitol of the Agona West Municipality in Ghana with a population count of approximately 50.000. On this day a mayor flood, caused by disproportionately heavy rainfall, hit the town and destroyed vast parts of it, sweeping with it countless houses, damaging important infrastructure and killing many inhabitants. The nature of the town´s topography caused the poorer quarters to be especially affected by the flood, robbing the resident of all their belongings and leaving many of them with no more than the clothes they were wearing. Shops and stalls, which were the modest base of living for many inhabitants, were lost to the floods, as well as important structures like the only fortified soccer pitch the town had. The main business district was struck, which, together with the collapse of the two main bridges linking the town´s halves, has led the economy to stagnate dramatically. Electricity has been cut in many areas, making the situation even more desperate and dangerous for the survivors, as looting and criminal activity are increasing there during nighttime. The video linked below gives an impression of the destruction that occurred.

This unprecedented catastrophe called the president, Atta Mills, on the scene the next day, who promised support to the town´s residents. A promise which will hopefully be fulfilled, but until now no help has arrived.

We of Glorious Vision Orphans (Glovo), an organization based in Agona Swedru, are devastated by this catastrophe and the fate of the people affected by it and are trying to provide support as quickly as possible to the victims currently gathered in several church buildings. We want to provide food, clothing and other essential items, e.g. mosquito nets and medicine, as a basic support and progress to help the families rebuild their homes and shops. To be able to offer this urgently needed help, we require support.

With this we are calling out to people willing to offer materials, financial means or voluntary work. Please help the victims to overcome the devastation they were struck with by giving them the chance to rebuild their lives.

Visit our homepage or contact us for further information.

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