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Rückenwind e.V.I bicycles I Mobilize Berlin

Berlin, Germany

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Rückenwind e.V.I bicycles I Mobilize Berlin

Berlin, Germany

We are a non- profit association which provides a workshop in Berlin- Neukölln where refugees can repair themselfes an old bicycle. We also give them the possibility to become a part of our organisation and learn how to work in a bicycle shop.

Martin G. from Rückenwind e.V.  | 
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About this project

About Rückenwind e.V.
A non- profit association whose mission it is to make refugees in Berlin mobile and offer them a chance to be active.
 This is why we run a workshop in Neukölln where refugees repair bikes together with our team.
 We support a society in which every person has an equal standing and encourage the solidarity between its various members.
 The workshop is a place where people from different cultures come together and make positive experiences by fixing their own bikes.
 The Workshop
 How is the sequence in the workshop?
Gradually we invite those refugees who registered themselves to our opening times. 
At first we search for a suitable bike from our donated bicycles and then it can be repaired together with one of our mechanics. 
If a refugee is interested in learning how to fix bikes and has time to come to our workshop regulary, he or she can explore step by step how to build up a bike and how to repair old ones. 
The aim of those days should not only be the communication of knowledge, but the transmission of responsibility for certain tasks.
 Our goals
With your own bike you can get quickly and independently through the city without paying money for train tickets. What we also find very important is that you get a good overview of a city and consequently get acquainted with it when riding your bike.
Provide integration
Because of our workshop as a place for team work and communication we want to support the integration of refugees and create a community with different projects which are connected to bicycles. With our training program we offer the possibility to take on responsibility for a certain task aiming to empower the trainees to lead an opening time on their own where people from Berlin can come to get their bikes repaired by refugees.
 Environmental friendlieness
Our bikes are recycled because we take used parts from our stock to fix them. Additionally we create sustainable mobilisation by sensitizing many people for the most environmentally friendly vehicle.

Non- profit associations like us depend on donations which make their work possible. Your financial support will guarantee that we can plan in the long term and organise projects to integrate refugees sustainably.

Updated at 18. March 2020