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Breakfast (Uji) for children at nursery and primary schools in Tiwi, Kenya

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Children receive breakfast (Uji) at primary schools and Kindergardens in Tiwi (near Diani, Ukunda) in Kenya. We try to counteract hunger and malnutrition and ensure that children can concentrate and participate in class.

S. Birkle from Asante e.V.Write a message

Half an hour's drive south of Mombasa is Tiwi, a widely scattered village near the Indian Ocean. The people who live there have ( for lack of education) little chance of work. So the men try to feed their families by working in the quarries or fishing. Women usually have no chances of work.

What this means for the children is easy to understand: malnutrition, no medical care, only fragmentary education. But even if the children go to school or to kindergarten, they are not learning due to hunger and malnutrition. They often simply fall asleep from exhaustion or hunger. But education is but the only way out of this vicious circle.

Asante e.V. tries since 2008 to break this circle. Not only by caring for work for women, sponsorships to schools and colleges, a feeding program and many other projects, they give breakfast at six schools in Tiwi every morning: Uji, a porridge, which saturates and nourishes. We have now reached 2250 children daily to feed. This is a huge task for our team, as we want EVERY child EVERY month to be fed and not having to put aside one school due to lack of money.

We ask you urgently to support us here. With only 1.50 euros per month a child would have a better start in the morning.

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