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SOS MEDITERRANEE - Together against dying in the Mediterranean!

Mittelmeer, Italy

SOS MEDITERRANEE is a European civil, humanitarian organisation for the rescue of shipwrecked people in the Mediterranean. We rescue people in distress who are fleeing from violence, persecution and poverty from their home countries and from Lybia.

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"Our vision is a world where every person in distress is saved and treated with dignity."
SOS MEDITERRANEE is a European and humanitarian organization dedicated to saving shipwrecked people in the Mediterranean. It was founded by citizens in May 2015 as a response to the dying in the Mediterranean Sea.

Five years SOS MEDITERRANEE. That is 31,799 women, children and men whom we have rescued from maritime distress. Women like Maimouna. The 17-year-old mother fled the Ivory Coast with her husband to protect her eighteen-month-old daughter from the cruel tradition of genital mutilation. Her only chance was to escape across the Mediterranean - the deadliest escape route in the world. 

The rescue ship Ocean Viking saves people like Maimouna and her family from drowning. The crew provides them with food, warm blankets and clothing on board and offers them medical and psychological care. It is a safe place where they feel treated with dignity and respect for the first time after unimaginable suffering. The Ocean Viking team brings humanity to the Mediterranean and helps those who are in urgent need of help.  

We continue to save as long as we are needed. Only with your support can we finance our mission.