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Funded Learning instead of dragging – Donate for clean water sources in Ghana

Busunya, Ghana

Funded Learning instead of dragging – Donate for clean water sources in Ghana

Busunya, Ghana

Donate for clean water in two villages of ghana. So that children don't have to serve their families with water and can go to school and get a proper education.

João Paulo Fernandes from eaubiquity e.V. | 
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About this project

Dear Community of betterplace,

This project is under the motto “learning instead of dragging”.

Because this is what the children of the communities Asuoti and Konkrompe, in the heart of Ghana, are not doing at the moment; they are dragging water instead of learning!

These children are walking every day around 2 hours from their villages to a stream, which is their closest water source, in order to provide their families with essential water. And this is not that kind of clean drinking water as we are used to drink out of our taps.
Anyway, for the community members this is the only available source of water, which becomes a problem especially during the dry season.

This water is vital for their life. Water for drinking, washing, bathing and cooking. Water for their work as farmers, the work they do for a living and to feed their families.

The two farming communities Asuoti and Konkrompe are located in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana and both are part of the Nkoranza North District Busunya.

The total population of Asuoti amounts 388 people, including 150 children who are officially attending at school. Whereby in Konkrompe are living around 267 schooling children, with a total population of 578 people.

The Asuoti Community is able to reach their stream within a distance of around 4 kilometers, which implies a walking time of around 40 minutes towards the facility. This is making a total time of about 1 1/2 up to 2 hours which is spend on walking towards and back from the facility, waiting time on the spot and fetching the water. The water facility for the inhabitants of Konkrompe is reached within 5.5 kilometers and contains a one way walking time of nearly an hour. This implies a total time of above 2 hours which is daily spend on water procurement.

Both communities are dealing with the same issue; the water procurement is stealing the time those kids are actually supposed to be in school. The children are going every morning before they are leaving for school to fetch water to provide their households with the needed water.
Contribution to ensure the children in the communities of Asuoti and Konkrompe are able to concentrate on their school and to work towards their future. This, we can support the NGO ProNet North in their vision; A society of equal opportunities for sustainable development and human rights. Because water as well as education are both rights of every individual.

With the provision of two boreholes the communities are helped, so that the families will be provided with a clean water source, which is very close to the community. In this way the children are able to exercise their right for schooling unburdened.

The detailed list of costs for the two boreholes you can request from me via e-mail.
Lena (volunteer at ProNet who is in Ghana right now) and I will create a blog to document the improved local living conditions.

Thank you very much!
Updated at 18. March 2020