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Closed Support the fight of Gzim and Ramis Berisha for their right to stay

Call for support of Gzim (17) und Ramis (14) Berisha's fight for their right to stay, two young Roma who were born in Germany and have been deported from Hannover to Kosovo in december 2015 with their family.

Merdjan J. from Amaro Drom e.V.Write a message

In December 2015, our friends Gzim (17) and Ramis Berisha (14) were torn from our midst. At 5 o'clock in the morning, the police arrived and the two were deported to Kosovo a few hours later, together with their parents and younger siblings. This happened even though they were born in Germany, went to school here, got involved in youth work and had dreams for their future in Germany.
Meanwhile, Gzim has to fight another big problem. At the end of 2017 he was diagnosed with cancer. The disease can not be treated in Kosovo due to lack of resources. In the spring of 2018, Gzim received a permit to enter Germany for the treatment of his severe illness. That's why he's been back in Germany for cancer treatment since May 2018. Through legal assistance, we now try to achieve that Gzim may remain in Germany for the duration of the protracted treatment. For this, we urgently need more donations to cover the costs of the lawyer, which Gzim alone can not afford.
You can read here what happened to Gzim and his family since the deportation in December 2015: First, the family found shelter in Pristina in a refugee home where they had to live with 8 people on 20 square meters. They were literally left with nothing. They had no money, hardly any clothes, because they were allowed to take only a little luggage from Germany and no support for the orientation on site.
Even after more than a year of residence, the brothers and their familiy in Kosovo lacked everything that constituted a decent life. Gzim and Ramis moved with their family to Peć, a city in western Kosovo. At least they had their own apartment there. But there was and there is no future for them in Kosovo. Since their forced stay in Kosovo, Gzim and Ramis have been unable to attend school. Gzim had to go to work to earn a living for the family. Due to the fact that he speaks German as a native language, he was able to work full-time in a call center. This is aimed at customers in Switzerland. In this call center, he earned 250 € a month - just enough to pay the rent for the family home.
Gzim and Ramis are in a situation like almost all Roma who were deported to Kosovo. For them, the situation is catastrophic: there is a lack of medical care and access to education. Finding a job is almost impossible for Roma. They have to live in makeshift shelters because their homes were either destroyed in the war or claimed by the remaining locals. Due to the historically grown racism against Roma, they are exposed to defamation, hostility and assaults. These facts make it clear that Kosovo is by no means a so-called "safe country of origin" - as the German Government has been claiming since 2015.
Gzim and Ramis still want to do everything possible to come back to Germany and get a right to stay here. At the moment, the main aim is to enable Gzim to finally treat his cancer with the help of legal counsel. To do so, they will continue to need financial support - to cover the costs of the lawyer and to overcome further bureaucratic hurdles. Help Gzim recover and fight for his and Ramis future!