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Youth Remembrance of the Roma Holocaust

A project from Amaro Drom e.V.
in Krakau, Poland

ternYpe aims to empower young Roma to have a voice and to foster solidarity among young people to be the key actors for change! We aim to bring 500 young Roma and non-Roma together to commemorate the Roma Holocaust.

Merdjan J.
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About this project

ternYpe International Roma Youth Network has a strong vision to make a change in Europe. As young Roma and non-Roma we believe that we can build a European culture based on respect, dialogue, human rights and equal opportunities. We strongly follow our mission to create space for young people to become active citizens through empowerment, mobilization, self-organization and participation.

In order to make this possible we need your support and help. We want to give over 500 young Roma and non-Roma from 25 countries the chance to participate in the international youth event “Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative”. We have a small support of the European Commission, but we need to finance the travel costs and accomodation. Even any small support represents a precious contribution to our cause and our vision. This is a self-organized initiative of young European citizens on a voluntary basis, and the only way we can realize our vision is through the strong support of the citizens of Europe who believe that change is possible.

The “Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative” gathered 1.000 young Roma and non-Roma from all over Europe around August 2nd 2014, marking the 70th anniversary of the remembrance day of the Roma Genocide under the Nazi regime during World War II. This was the biggest and most outstanding Roma youth event in history. In April 2015 the European Parliament officially recognized the Roma Holocaust and the 2nd August as the Roma Holocaust Memorial Day. The initiative aims at raising awareness among young Europeans, civil society and decision-makers about the Roma Genocide, as well as about the mechanisms of antigypsyism in a challenging context of rising racism, hate speech and extremism in Europe. Part of the program includes a visit and remembrance ceremony in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.
ternYpe aims to empower young Roma to have a voice and to foster solidarity among young people to be the key actors for change! ternYpe aims to build a strong network of Roma and non-Roma youth, and a platform of youth and human rights organizations that aim to advocate for empowerment, social change and the respect of human rights. We want to challenge stereotypes and antigypsyism, and strengthen the dialogue and respect among Roma and non-Roma. This initiative strengthens the consciousness of young Europeans about their role and responsibility within their communities and the society at large.

We would highly appreciate your interest and support. For any further questions about our work and the project, please do not hesitate to contact us.