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The FONELISCO Advent Calendar

Mwanza, Tanzania

The FONELISCO Advent Calendar: 24 small things - 1 item per day! With a donation for this project, you help FONELISCO e.V. and Help, So We Can Help to cover the recurring costs of the orphanage FONELISCO in Tanzania.

D. Weber from FONELISCO e.V. | 
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About this project

Dear friends of Fonelisco.

We came up with a really special idea for this Christmas time: Each day you will find a new post on our website and our facebook page. There will always be a little something to discover, to keep this year´s Christmas time as spectacular as possible: videos, information, pictures, riddles and a lot more is awaiting you.

Each day we would like to link those treats with a presentation of different financial items. Those items include part of our recurring monthly costs. We would like to cover these costs in order to directly support the children of the organisation. Especially in January the financial costs are high, since this is when the school term starts in Tanzania. Every day we will therefore explain a "financial item of the day" in more detail, so you can choose, what it is YOU would be willing to support. Of course it is also possible to support all 24 items or the project as a whole. Just have a look at our different financial items and maybe you will feel like investing in one of those. Each and every single value, no matter how small or big it is, is a huge step for us!

We are really glad that our Czech partner organisation "Help, So We Can Help" has joint us in this initiative. They are supporting FONELISCO in the current operation and we are in regular contact with them. This FONELISCO Advent Calendar is now our first mutual project!

Your donation is fully tax deductible in Germany - you will receive the tax receipt directly from "betterplace". After having already succesfully collected donations via this platform. We assure you that the donations are 100% forwarded to us. Of course it is also possible to send your donation directly to our account. Account information and information to tax donation receipts can be found under:

We are looking forward for your participation and hope that the FONELISCO Advent Calendar will give you as much joy as it has provided us through out the time of preparation.

Thank you very much!

Your team of FONELISCO e.V. and "Help, So We Can Help"
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Milí přátelé,

tento rok jsme se (HSWCH) rozhodli přidat k našim německým partnerům, kteří také podporují sirotčinec Fonelisco. (Fonelisco e.V.), naši němečtí přátelé se inspirovali myšlenkou adventního kalendáře a postavili na ní svůj letošní vánoční projekt. Každý den naleznete na webové, popř. facebookové stránce nový příspěvek. Skze tyto příspěvky bychom vás mj. rádi informovali o fungování a potřebách sirotčince.

V rámci kampaně je možnost přispět na celou řadu různých nákladů, které se pravidelně vyskytují v průběhu roku. Leden je měsíc, kdy náklady enormě narůstají, protože se musí zaplatit školné. Každý den spustíme jednu položku, kterou budete moci finančně podpořit, a zároveň získat větší přehled o tom, kam peníze poputují.

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Updated at 18. September 2020