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Anteater seeks wife! Become wingman and help him!

Help to protect the small anteater (Tamandua mexicana) in supporting our reforestation!

Andrea from Tropica Verde e.V.Write a message

The anteater (Tamandua mexicana) needs you! Help him find domestic bliss with a speed dating event or a romantic candlelight dinner!

What is this about?
The survival of the small anteater in the region Monte Alto in Costa Rica is at risk. There are not enough babies.

No distance is too long for the small anteater to find the lady of his dreams and start a family. But he won’t be able to find her if there are no trees. The anteater depends on trees to move, find food, and search for a partner.
Unfortunately, our forest reserve in Monte Alto isn’t connected to the surrounding forests yet. That’s why we would like to buy a former grazing area and reforest it.

Why now?
Time is pressing. Local farmers are interested in acquiring the grazing land to establish an orange plantation. They are trying to outbid our offer to buy the land. If they succeed, it will be turned into a pesticide-laden monoculture field. The heavy use of pesticides in these plantations kills the delicious ants and termites that the small anteater needs to eat during his journey. He won’t be able to find a partner or start a family if he’s surrounded by toxins!

Here you see the measures that we’re planning in order to promote an anteater “baby boom”, and support the family reunion with your donation.

Speed Dating Location - “Anteater seeks his dream lady”
With 5€, we can buy 25 square meters of former grazing land. Once this land is reforested, it will connect the already existing forests. This will help the anteater access new territories and will make his search for a perfect partner easier.

Romantic Candlelight Dinner for Two
We would like to plant trees to support the regeneration of the forest. 15€ will help plant a tree and look after it for three years, so it can turn into a forest giant that will house many tasty ants.

A Date in the Zoo
Our anteaters can also have a fun date watching human children! 50€ will help organize an excursion of a school class from the neighboring area to the forest reserve. In these visits, children can learn more about anteaters and why it’s important to protect them.

A Baby Shower for Anteater Babies
Together with the anteaters, the neighboring schools also want to celebrate the success of our project. 100€ will allow to drive a school class to the reserve to celebrate the “Día del Árbol” (Tree Day) and join other schoolchildren to plant new trees.

Help us ensure the survival of the anteater population in the region!

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