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Closed “Let’s drill a waterwell”

Koh Kong, Cambodia

Closed “Let’s drill a waterwell”

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To improve the quality of life and protect the environment in the area, water is best solution.

Sopheap P. from Botumsakor Community Development OrganisationWrite a message

We almost finished our "Bottle School" (see
for children from the "upper" village of Thmor Sor. They cannot afford any education fees at
all, but we are going to provide them with basic education in Khmer language (with a focus
on environment and health) and English lessons, too.

Since we do not receive any official funding we would very much like to have a groundwater-
well drilled. We could possibly make enough money for running the school by selling the water
to the surrounding villagers even if we sell it much cheaper than the water-truck does now.
Since villagers often cannot afford to buy the expensive truck-water they often use critical
water from a nearby lake so they often get sick.

Besides fishing, villagers are cutting wood and hunting animals for sell.Lower water costs would also enable about 35 families around our land to grow vegetables and fruit in dry season! This means self-sustainability, better nutrition, more health and less poverty for the whole 350 people community of so-called "Upper" Thmor Sor.