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Doctors for refugees – Medical help in Germany and Greece

München, Germany

Medical aid for refugees in Germany & Greece. Our doctors support the medical care of the arriving people. In Greece we offer psychotherapeutic assistance for unaccompanied minors.

H. Kischlat from German Doctors e.V.
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Munich, Berlin, Bonn, Esslingen and now also Greece. Since the beginning of the refugee crisis in the summer of 2015, our doctors have volunteered in different places to provide medical care to incoming refugees in Germany. Now we are expanding our aid to Greece, where many people still endure with uncertain destiny. To help effectively, we have identified two urgent needs:
 1) Psychotherapeutic assistance for unaccompanied minor refugees to cope with war and flight traumas: Some of the refugees are children and young people who have lost their parents in flight. Behind them lie dramatic experiences which can become a trauma without appropriate treatment. Therefore, together with ARSIS, a Greek NGO which has committed itself to social support and advocacy work for young people in difficulties or danger, we offer assistance for the psychotherapeutic care of traumatized unaccompanied minors.
 2) The improvement of the equipment and the reduction of the work pressure in the Greek health centres: Currently they catch up everything what cannot be performed on the base-medical level by the international relief organizations. Because of the Greek financial crisis the equipment is extremely bad in many centres and the wordload of the local medical staff is on a high level. It is impressive, with what commitment the medical doctors and the staff still work in the refugee aid despite these conditions. We support the Greek colleagues from now on!
But help is still continuing in Germany: In several cities and municipalities, volunteer German Doctors support the local medical teams in the medical care of the refugees, as required. Even if the untenable situation of the refugees has nearly disappeared in Greece and Germany from the public consciousness again, the people need there furthermore help. Please, support our work with a donation!

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