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Closed Help save a husband and father from cancer! # sos_andrey_dolnikov

Andrew Dol'nikov. Hodgkin's lymphoma, resistance within. Doctors in Russia can not cure it. The need for expensive treatment abroad. #sos_andrey_dolnikov

Irina S. from Irina S.Write a message

Andrew became ill in 2013, our family did not expect such troubles. It all started with a high temperature, which we initially did not pay attention. Andrey worked as a sales representative, he was returning home late, tired ... When the first time on the thermometer 37.1 we thought that it was all from overwork at work. A month passed, the temperature appeared in the evening, began to appear shortness of breath.We have asked the hospital began visits to doctors, hospital wards are endless. On X-ray the doctor noticed swelling 11sm.Zatem we were told that Andrew heart problems and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. What led me terrified, how many tears were wept, but it turned out that this is only the beginning! Then we will at its own expense twice passed tests for autoimmune diseases.
Half could not diagnose. Only after a CT scan was diagnosed with cancer. You can not imagine what I felt at that moment !!! Tears rolled down hail. Andrew took the news calmly, he said he knew it, felt it was cancer. After reading about the disease, I realized that 90% of patients enter remission and live a normal life again, and only 10% have an unfavorable prognosis. Firmly I decided that we should get into a favorable 90%.
Then there were several blocks of chemotherapy, sepsis, then resuscitation.
The doctor said that the chance is very small, or we can say they are almost there, if you are believers, pray. The land went from under my feet! All the way from Moscow to Sergiev Posad I sobbed. Then pulled herself together, knowing that
still need to pick up my daughter from kindergarten. I went to church for a long time and asked Matrona help us.
In intensive care, he was lost in time, confused the day and night, even in the emergency room had a large window. The scheme has been in chemotherapy pills and he burned everything inside himself. So it took 2 months and Andrei went on the mend, learned to walk again. Then udivlyalis- doctors said it was a miracle. But the chemistry that almost killed Andrew, could not kill the disease in it. But doctors nne took us for treatment. Then we decided to send Andrey for treatment abroad
On their own and with the help of friends, we sent him for treatment in India at Fortis hospital. There doctors have made a miracle and restored his body, held a course of chemotherapy, he has a positive trend, but all now depends on the money! Some people buy boats, cars, and others, like us, they need to try to redeem Andrew from the world. Our country is waiting for Andrew's death because if we do not pay that debt, he would be sent home. What am I going to do with it, I'll never know! Almost everywhere we have been. You can not imagine how he wants to live !!! He told me more than once to talk about it, how he wants to see how GROWS Pauline. Maybe someone will read this letter and will help us as we all walk under God and at any moment it can happen to anyone !!! Sincerely yours Dolnikova Olesya.