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Closed Medieninitiative Blinder und sehbehinderter E. V.

A project from MIBS e. V.
in Berlin, Germany

Blinde ohrfunk radio Mibs

Bedia K.
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About this project

It is the objective of Ohrfunk to give blind and partially sighted people an independent voice of their own.
The organization in charge of Ohrfunk is Medieninitiative blinder und sehbehinderter Menschen in Deutschland e.V., a registered none-profit organization of blind and partially sighted media amateurs.

We broadcast a 24/7 programme designed by and for aurally motivated people.
Our Slogan: – das Radio das Brücken baut“ - von sehgeschädigten zu sehenden Menschen und umgekehrt.
(The station that builds bridges from blind to sighted people and vice versa.)

The project started out as an internet station in 2006. Meanwhile it has become available in more and more German cable networks. On weekends our programme is aired on 88, 4 FM in Berlin.

We bring an eclectic musical mix, from Country to Classical to Soul to Rock, while our evening shows focus on particular genres.
We also place great emphasis on information. Our Programme regularly focusses on a particular subject for in-depth analysis.
In addition, our regular magazine provides information on topical as well as historical issues. Our news focusses on disability-related issues and social politics. Fans of TV and radio drama are informed of scheduled described movies and plays. Our information segments are made available as a podcast.

All our staff are volunteers using their own equipment. If you would like to know how blind and partially sighted people use adaptive technology to work with computers, please do not hesitate to ask us.
Thanks to technology and its networking properties, our editors, presenters and technicians are located all over Germany and beyond. One of our contributors is located in Denmark and another in the Netherlands.

The on-going effort of accessing new ways of distribution and developing our program further, result in a growing listenership. However, the increasing appreciation does not pay off financially. In spite of our staff volunteering their work as well as their equipment, there are software license fees, royalties and maintenance costs to be paid.
We appreciate any donation that helps us continue our work.
We shall return the gesture by providing an auratious program that builds bridges.
Furthermore we will raffle off to our donors, 10 tickets for our 10th anniversary gala on January 30th in Berlin.