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Help for Gambia. With school payments, Drinking water, and medical help

A project from Pronalife
in Old Jeshwang, Gambia

drinking water school payments and medicine for Gambia

U. Förster
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About this project

In old Jeshwang in the Gambia is a "School of adication persiud".

Here we collect school fees for the children who can not afford the school fees.
For only 12.50 euros, for one child every month they can go to school and even get the books and school uniforms.
Only with a good education, the children have a secured future.

In the small village 'Basori' they don't have enaugh drinking water. Here, we will install a pump with a cleaning filter to produce clean drinking water.

Furthermore, we collect for a small hospital in the Gambia for medicin and dressing material. Here it is most needed