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Direct Nepal Aid where it is needed most

Kathmandu, Nepal

Direct Nepal Aid where it is needed most

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Since 25 years we have been active in the Kathmandu area. Together with our Nepali partners we are able to deliver your donation quickly and efficiently to where it is needed! Our members in Kathmandu are able to coordinate help personally.

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Since more than 25 years we are active in the Kathmandu area to care for the people of Nepal. Fortunately, all of our members who are currently in Kathmandu are well and are able to coordinate help personally. Together with our Nepalese partners we are able to address your donation quickly and efficiently to where it is needed!

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal with a death toll of far more than 5.000, chaos is rising in the capital Kathmandu. Many still do not dare to go back to their houses, or the houses are even gone altogether. It is still rainy and very cold, especially at night. Shops partially have closed, food and petrol are scarce. Electricity and clean water have always been in short supply. People are trying to get to the surrounding villages to check on their families, but there are no buses or taxis available.

While there are some encouraging news, the full extent of the catastrophe will only emerge in the coming days. With many remote areas in the countryside there is no contact yet.

Emergency aid prevented
Around the globe, people want to help and donate. International aid organizations have already arrived in Kathmandu, but can do little because they are dependent on the support and coordination of the government. The government, however, is both completely overwhelmed by the situation and also corrupt. Thus, it is extremely difficult to ensure that the funds arrive where they are most urgently needed: at the hands of the affected locals.

The local situation is critical
First of all, the state hospitals need urgent help currently. People who are familiar with Nepal know that it is better to go to a private hospital, if they can afford it. However, the private hospitals have already surrendered and closed down. Still, medicine and supplies are available in Kathmandu, as are food, clean drinking water etc. The only thing required is to procure and distribute them!

Our help
Through our existing infrastructure we are able to distribute help quickly and efficiently to where it is urgently needed. Dr. S. Wolff, one of our German NGO members and a medical doctor, is already in Kathmandu and coordinates medical help. He supports the Dhulikel hospital and others, which urgently need supplies of bandages and medicine. Our Nepalese NGO members bring help to the rural areas, where some of them even have their family background.

To ease the most urgent hardships, we urge you to show your support and donate!

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