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Closed Window of Life e.V. - Support for our Babies Home in Masindi (Uganda)

A project from Window of Life e.V.
in Masindi, Uganda

Window of Life Babies Home is an Orphanage in Masindi Uganda.

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Window of Life Babies Home is a Ugandan initiative that aims at ensuring decent living conditions for orphaned and abandoned babies. The house was established in September 2011 to take care of children in Masindi and surrounding areas.

We have two groups of kids in the house. Most of them are babies ranging from months up to three years. And the other group is between six and twelve years. However some of these kids come when they are as young as one day old. Our priorities include guaranteeing high standards of safety, hygiene, child development and education. This is achieved by employing the right staff, developing a sustainable and efficient volunteer program, as well as selecting proper schools for the children.
The Babies Home is run by Maria - a social worker. She is responsible for keeping the house and taking care of the children. She handles the staff and volunteers selection, keeps in touch with local and regional authorities and tries to lobby for bigger support of Babies Homes from the government.
We also have other Aunties with us, whom the children are attached to on admission. These help in the daily taking-care of the children and usher with motherly love. Additionally we always get volunteers usually from Germany and Poland. These help in different ways like teaching the children new games and songs as well as
We are situated at Majara’s House just after the valley between Miracle Center Church Masindi and Excel Day School in Kihande II. A place we are renting.
Our ideas /how to become sustainable:
We have just started our project and are still in need of support, but in the future we would like to be fully or at least partly sustainable and not have to rely on outside donations for all of the children’s needs. To achieve this we are planning on following income generating activities:
• Gardening vegetables and crops – we have enough land to grow vegetables to satisfy our needs and hopefully we can plant excess which can then be sold to provide financial support of the project;
• Solar project – the power problem in Uganda causes a lot of trouble in the Babies Home. The use of solar energy would enable us to generate our own energy, thus having a reliable and constant power supply to the Babies Home and can be used in cooking healthy food for the children.
• Construction of our own house. Our own house will secure the future of our children and relieve us from paying rent on monthly basis.

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