Closed Katooke Village Goat Project

An aid project by F. Musinguzi in Kasese, western Uganda, Uganda

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F. Musinguzi (Project Manager)

F. Musinguzi
Katooke Village is found in Bugoye Sub county Kasese District in Western Uganda. in this village the natives who were once farmers and pastrolists lost thier animals during the Allied democratic front war between 1996 to 2003. This village that has about 1000 families have been hit by so many economic difficulties because they have no animals to sell in order to earn a living. this project there fore is meant to help them re stock their animals especially the goats which used to do so well in this hilly area. To start with 50 families will be given two goats each and when these goats get the first off springs these off spriongs are passed on to other members of the village who will also pass the first off springs also. this will develope the agriculture and food security in the village.

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Location: Kasese, western Uganda, Uganda

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