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MOAS: Humanitarian aid for people risking their lives to find safety

A project from Stiftung Seenothilfe für Flüchtlinge - MOAS
in Valletta, Malta

MOAS is a charity which aims to mitigate the suffering of people risking their lives to find safety. We will try to help. Actually MOAS is providing humanitarian aid to Rohingya refugees in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh and to the people in Yemen

M. Dentler
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Migrant Offshore Aid Station - MOAS - is a charity dedicated to mitigate the suffering of people risking their lives to find safety. The charity has been established in 2013 and is registered in Malta, Germany, Italy and the USA.
MOAS was the first private organisation providing SAR to the refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. Since September 2014 MOAS were able to rescue more than 40.000 persons from drowning in several operations between 2014 and 2017 in the Central Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. MOAS fully intends to continue to place emphasis on its campaign to increase and expand safe and legal routes for those in need of safety and protection 
Actually MOAS is working in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh. From there, MOAS is delivering much-needed humanitarian assistance and aid to the Rohingya people and will work to provide a platform for transparency, advocacy and accountability in the region where a deadly exodus is unfolding on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. 
The Rohingya are a minority Muslim population living in Rakhine State, Myanmar, who are denied citizenship, rendering them stateless and facing discrimination and poverty. There are currently an estimated 1.2 million Rohingya living in Myanmar, mostly in Northern Rakhine State. MOAS has set up very fast two aid stations located very close to regfugee camps in Cox Bazar. More than 60.000 people have received a high quality treatment free of any charges.

In Yemen MOAS is providing most needed pharmaceuticals and emergency food for under nourished people. In collaboration with our partners action medeor, EDESIA FOOD and ADRA YEMEN we keep sending containers with humanitarian aid products which are delivered under the umbrella of the WHO to local public hospitals and health facilities.
In order to continue our work, we need your support. We need to buy and ship pharmaceutical products and special food for undernourished people for Yemen. 

Our work is only possible with your help. Thank you for your support!

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