Funded Fight bilharzia in Kwale District

An aid project by “Hilfe für Kwale District e.V.” (Rainer B.) in Kwale, Kenya

Rainer B. (Project Manager)

Rainer B.
Schistosomiasis(Bilharzia) is a soil transmitted helminths parasitic disease. Like malaria it is one of the top-ranking infections for children in the age of 5 to 14 years in Kenya.

The helminths settle in the uroginital tract or in the intestinal; but the parasites also moves into the brain or lungs an can be lethal.

Thanks to the help of our sponsor (in the main from donations as part of Gisi's Tour d'Afrique) this survey was done for the first time in spring 2010 at 5 schools in the Shimba Hills. 2200 children has been examined. 880 children were infected by the helminth. They were treated immediately.

The correct diagnosis and treatment of schistosomiasis will reduce the cost wasted on wrong drugs and will show the prevalence and intensity of infections in the community of Kwale District.

Please help us to contribute to the extinction of this dangerous parasitic disease also in 2011. Also the "small" version of this disease causes heavy abdominal pain an a lack of concentration for the children.

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Location: Kwale, Kenya

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