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Bodhgaya, India

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Bodhgaya, India

We received a payout of €91.65

Tom Z.
Tom Z. wrote on 29-01-2020

SHANTI INDIA was created in 2005 to help the most underprivileged children in Bodhgaya, Bihar, the poorest state of India. In such areas children from humble backgrounds often can't get access to quality education. SHANTI INDIA provides today 430 children from poor families with full-time free education and helps them to pursue their dreams. Children and students of SHANTI INDIA are taught ethical codes of conduct based on solidarity, compassion, tolerance and kindness.

Thanks to the generous contribution of our donors the school can work effectively to give children a chance to escape poverty on the path of education into a brighter future.

These donations will be used to purchase study equipment (books, notebooks, pens...)  for the children.
Just as we did when we first visited the school with our Immediate action.


Thank you to all donors -
in this case - my cousin - Alex !!!

Together we C•A•N

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