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Closed Active Book Project: Bible Stories for Kids - Interactive Learning Program

Kyiv, Ukraine

Closed Active Book Project: Bible Stories for Kids - Interactive Learning Program

Kyiv, Ukraine

Active Book Project aims at creation and free distribution of interactive learning program for kids aged 4-8 years. With Active Book kids relive Bible stories, gain experience and take Bible as a source of answers for their daily questions.

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About this project

The ‘Active Book’ Project is aimed at the development and free distribution of the software – Ukrainian version of the educational Christian program for children aged 4-8 years, based on “Life in Our Hands” innovative educational method.

‘Active Book’ Project Objectives:
• to create a free software: a Ukrainian version of the interactive Christian learning program for children;
• to create a platform for cooperation between representatives of educational area and the Christian world aimed at development of the innovative educational software for children, in particular, to train teachers (tutors, mentors) how to use it in class;
• to promote the reform of children's ministry in Sunday schools of all Christian confessions represented in Ukraine, in particular, to assist educational establishments in acquiring necessary technical equipment.

Project Relevance
The need in innovative educational methods for work with children is urgent for all Christian confessions. The modern world is rapidly changing, children today grow up in close interaction with new technologies. Not paying attention to this implies the risk of losing the whole generation who are now 4-8 years.
The ‘Active Book’ Project aims at providing possibility for children and teachers study the Bible in a creative and innovative way, where science and religion do not contradict each other, and modern technologies serve as reliable assistants, not as the destroyers of ideas, free time and attention.

Our vision of a successful outcome of the project:
Children from Christian families in Ukraine and worldwide eagerly study the Bible. They are curious to know about the events described in the Bible, relive the bible stories together with Active Book characters, gain experience and take Bible as a source of answers for their daily questions. In the course of interesting and informative classes, teachers and mentors fully implement their educational, instructive, and informative functions. Christian values are an integral part in shaping children's perception of the world, their outlooks and personalities.

The estimated budget of the ‘Active Book’ Project contains the main part (Software program development), which is scheduled for 4 years and includes*:
- development of Ukrainian version of 6 existing English episodes (adaptation) – 1170.00 EUR (195.13 EUR per 1 episode); duration of work: 1 episode per 2 weeks;
- development of Ukrainian version of 30 episodes (creation "from scratch") – 222571.26 EUR (7419.04 EUR); duration of work: 1 episode per 6 weeks.
* The program development budget includes administrative costs related to the project (project coordinator salary, office and communications expenses).

Updated at 18. March 2020