Closed Solar Electricity @ rural health centers in Rwanda

An aid project by “The Ihangane Project” (W. Leonard) in Nyange, Rwanda

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W. Leonard (Project Manager)

W. Leonard
The Nyange Health Center in rural Rwanda is staffed by nurses, and provides care for 20,000 people. The nearest hospital is a three hour walk along rugged terrain. They have identified access to solar electricity as an essential need, and The Ihangane Project is committed to helping to achieve this.

Imagine trying to deliver a newborn baby in the dark. Then, imagine delivering that baby in the fumes of a gas generator. Not only would solar power provide reliable and clean renewable energy, but it would also reduce the clinic's dependency on gasoline-run generators and allow them to continue services even when they can not afford gasoline.

The Ihangane Project has created an amazing collaboration between Catapult Design, Solar Electric Light Fund, Nyange Health Center, Rwandan technicians and Rwandan solar equipment vendors to establish a cost-effective bid for solar equipment. This impressive team is working to ensure that the systems will be installed and maintained correctly. We are also developing a monitoring, evaluation and maintenance program that can strengthen the longevity of the new system and support long term success.

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Location: Nyange, Rwanda

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