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The DIRTTY DOWNTOWN LA which means Doing It Right To Touch you from Downtown Langas, is a youth group based in Langas estate which one of the largest estate in Eldoret town in Kenya.

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DDTLA has been organising and hosting annual (yearly) events for the last five years, since 2009. On every 26th day of December just after Xmas is when the annual event has been taking place.
The annual event has since been christened 'DIRTTY DOWNTOWN LA PRESENTS - ONE LOVE PEACE CONCERTS', this is because there is need to enhance cohesion among the many different cultures that exist in the community within Langas and Eldoret as a whole.
This year's (2015) event, which is slated to happen on the 26/12/2015 at Kisumu ndogo, Langas in Eldoret for the 6th time, will also include awards.
The awards program has come in our annual event as a way of creating more positive approach in terms of rewarding and recognizing of different individuals who are excelling in arts: music, dance, acrobatics, poetry within the community.
There is an urgent need to recognize institutions within the community that have contributed positively to the community in terms of, security, education, transport system, donated food to orphanages or children homes, people or a person who has been an advocate against alcoholism in the community.
So in our recognition awards we are going to award the following institutions and individuals.
These are six categories:
1. The Kenya Police, Langas Police Station - this institution has over the years helped alot in improving the security of, Langas Estate. Crime rate has dropped down significantly.
2. The Langas Primary School, in Langas estate- this institution has for many years allowed a huge number of children to attend school and classes without paying fees.
3. The Langas Matatu SACCO- this society or organization has been and still is the core provider of transport in Langas, more so this organiztion has given and create for a good number of Langas youths. There has been a number of times that The Langas Matatu SACCO has continually offered free transport to school going children and the elderly in Langas.
4. The Langas Market Women Organization, - this organization has been more vocal on supporting orphanages and children homes by donating food, cooking materials on regular basis.
5.The Langas MCA ( Member of County Asembly for Langas) - besides representing Langas as an MCA, this individual has been very vocal on issues affecting the community such as Alcoholism, this individual has helped many people or persons battling with alcoholism get to rehab centers and come out changed poeple.
6. Langas Most Changed Youth, this the category that will recognize a youth who has changed completely from alcoholism, crime, that is to say a youth who served sentence in a correctional facilty and has come out a better person, changed completely.
The Arts Categories are also six, these category is meant to award the outstanding youth in music, dance, poetry, acrobatics, comedy.
The categories are as follows:
1. Best upcoming artiste (music)
2. Best upcoming art

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