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Closed Germany-wide fundraising campaign for Stiile Strasse

A project from Volkssolidarität Landesverband Berlin e. V.
in Berlin, Germany

fundraising campaign for Stiile Strasse Please support us – every €uro will help !

Eveline L.
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About this project

Our carrier the People`s Solidarity National Association Berlin had submitted a request for funding the cost of 800.000 € for the conversion of the meeting place (Begegnungsstätte) Stille Straße 10 in Pankow to the German Lottery Foundation Berlin.
With these funds we wanted to equip the house with accessible sanitary facilities for physically handicapped people ,with a second escape route and with fire doors.These remodeling works are mandatory to submit an application at the Borough Council of Pankow for approval as a meeting place. For more than over 15 years the Borough Council as municipal carrier has not met these requirements.
The social institution was led with the possibility of the so-called grandfathering.
With the change of the carrier to the People`s Solidarity Association this grandfathering was lost.
Now we have to meet the legal requirements.We want to do this because it is important to us that disabled people can visit our house and take advantage of the deals.
The Board of Trustees headed by the Governing Mayor of Berlin rejected our application by majority at a meeting in September 2014. According to a statement
of the foundation our application would not be of higher priority compared to others.
This made all of us very disappointed and angry. We hoped that this time having the support of the Senator for Social Affairs and the Borough Council of Pankow we would get the grant agreement.
We are very happy that we can go ahead for another year since the People`s Solidarity Association and the Borough Council of Pankow have signed an operation agreement for the year 2015. The support association (Förderverein ) operates the house in self-government on the basis of a co-operation agreement with the People`s Solidarity Association.
We want to continue the fight for our home and organize a
Germany-wide fundraising campaign.

Please support us – every €uro will help !

Evelyn Lämmer
(in charge of the project )

Förderverein Stille Straße 10 e.V.
Stille Straße 10
13156 Berlin