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POTRA-Construction of a center for education, sports and fun in Honduras

With the support of dedicated sponsors, should be created with a budget of 250,000 euros a center for education, sports and fun in Honduras, there order to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents sustainable.

I. Arslan from nph Kinderhilfe LateinamerikaWrite a message

The passion for football connects people around the world across social classes. The FIFA world cup should it once more. In developing countries, soccer for children and teenagers is often very important, because through sports they find a way, not to slip into the drug scene, which is very common. Moreover it promotes values such as team spirit, punctuality and respect. Unfortunately the conditions for sports activities in developing countries are usually disastrous. There are only few clean and secure Sorts fields. The children and teenagers have to play on the street, where many cars are passing by, what makes it very dangerous. Many families try to provide recreational opportunities for their children. For this they often accept long distances to find suitable places for it.

We would like to create a center for fun, sport and recreation for children and young people in Honduras and provide them there in addition to the sporting activities, values ​​and principles. This center should be located in a clean place that is easy to reach. On a plot in Colonia Altos De Toncontin right next to the Colonia Villeda Morales, three covered soccer fields, additional fields for sports activities and classrooms to provide theoretical knowledge will be built. Donate and give children a future!

We want to put into practice the aspect of “Transferring Motivation for sports into education” and offer children and teenagers an opportunity to learn.
Our main goal is to improve the life quality of children and teenagers on a long term and to provide a room for a positive development.