Closed A pilot school in Itapissuma, PE, Brazil

An aid project by “RecifEscola” (K. Obrist) in Itapissuma, Brazil

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K. Obrist (Project Manager)

K. Obrist
In addition to an already existing Kindergarden a new school is about to be built in Itapissuma, in the poor region of Brazil’s North East, in which 400 to 600 children and teenagers will be able to receive a proper school education. The goal is to have from 2010 onwards, 12 classrooms, a library, a cafeteria and a computer room. Also classes for adults will be offered during the weekends and in the evenings. Furthermore, an ambulatory for medical and dental care will be at the children’s disposal. For the principal of the already existing Kindergarden, Sra. Jocely Barros, the new school means a huge step towards enhancement of the local situation: “ The new school is much more than just a school, we are talking about an institution which also performs social duties. Several classes will be taught throughout the whole day. Our country cannot provide us with conditions which allow us to teach in several shifts. Also for this reason, the construction of the new school is so important. “
The idea of the installation of this pilot school in the community Itapassuma is being initiated by a Swiss NGO called “RecifEscola”, an association which has signed a cooperative contract with the town authorities to realize this project. The construction work has already started on this 3000 square meter big area and should ideally be finished by the end of 2009.
The total budget needed results in 1.5 Million Reais. The community guarantees the maintenance of the center and provides construction workers for free. The funding of the roof is a problem which would be solved with your donation. Help us realize the construction of the roof with your donation.

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Location: Itapissuma, Brazil

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