Bridging The Rural Digital Divide Gap for MDGs

An aid project by “Centre for Youth Empowerment and Leadership(Cyel)” (B. Witaba) in Kakamega, Kenya

60% funded

B. Witaba (Project Manager)

B. Witaba
We are a registered Community Based Organization (CBO), in Kenya; Under CBO number KAK/DGSS/YG/030/09 Kakamega.

Cyel was formed to pursue interests in Millennium Development Goals arena. Our Agenda is to bring technology closer to the Youth who need it in order to move towards a just and sustainable society to bridge the digital divide gap and achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Mission :
To promote understanding of youth culture and ethical aspects relating to ICTs

To expand networking among youth organizations in the global village through ICTs

The Centre's strategy is:
To reach out to youth through ICT training, youth empowerment programmes (Poverty eradication & unemployment solutions).

We would like partnerships/sponsorships from used computers/laptops to monetary help to enable us keep the project running by paying for rent of leased building,electricity,phone,internet bills,and salaries of our dedicated computer tutors.
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Location: Kakamega, Kenya

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