Funded "Mama Momella" Income Project

An aid project by “p(e)d-world e.V.” (C. Boesenberg) in Momella, Tanzania

C. Boesenberg (Project Manager)

C. Boesenberg
As part of the p(e)d income project, the Meru women of the Momella village (“Mamas”) are assisted such that, for the first time, they are able to earn their own income. In this way, they are enabled to support their families and enhance their standard of living. Since June 2007, the Mamas have been making traditional, yet modern handicraft products. In the course of the present test phase, the bed sheets, table runners etc., which are truly high-end in terms of their design and quality, are currently being sold to tourism facilities and at tourist markets. And to put it a bit colloquially, they are selling like hotcakes!
A marketing and distribution concept geared specifically to the East African tourism market has been established; it will be kicked off in June of 2008 in Arusha at a fair for Eastern African tourism. The target groups are the safari lodges and tourism institutions. The intention is to present the goods and the project as such at further fairs. The capacity will have to be increased, in particular in view of the expected increase in orders from June of 2008 onwards. But the village ladies do not have any capital they could invest into the growth of their business.
Currently, the pilot phase is under way. Until the project will break even (approximately in two years’ time), investments will need to be made. For example, sewing machines and yarn must be bought, the products must be designed, wages are to be paid, and the costs of marketing events such as the tourism fairs in Eastern Africa must be borne.
In particular, the “Mamas” will be assisted in selling their products directly to tourism institutions, at reasonable prices and in accordance with the marketing concept that has been established.
The objective is to enable the women of the Momella region to earn a regular income and to thus improve their situation in life (and that of their families), all the while gaining a new awareness of what they are able to achieve.
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Location: Momella, Tanzania

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